Why Drop Shadow is Needed for Your Products?

Why Drop Shadow is Needed for Your Products?

Almost 93% of your product sale in an online store or ecommerce site depends on product image. Drop shadow service helps to simulate the lighting of your products in image. Thus, you can express your product with a realistic appearance.

 What else with photoshop shadow service? Let’s discuss in detail here. 

What is Drop Shadow? 

The drop shadow (sometimes called a “box-shadow”) is an effect often found in catalog photographs, advertising images, and web pages. Shadow creation service is done by separating the subject-object from the background and adding a custom shadow. Sometimes, the background is removed as photoshop services. Other times, it is put in place of it or changed with photoshop services. The resulting effect creates the illusion that the object is floating in space. 

Why is a shadow creation service needed for online products? 

The drop shadow service is the most important one of the many image editing services that are used to show off the picture. For every eCommerce business, it is important to show the products in the best way possible. The more appealing the product is, the better your chances of selling it are. You need to have a good-looking picture if you want to run an eCommerce business.


8 out of 10 pictures look bad because they are clumsy, spread out, and wild in general. These kinds of images need to be edited to make them better. There are many photoshop services out there. Drop shadow is one of the most important and basic of them. With the help of a drop shadow, we can make that image look 3D, which is pretty cool. Thus, it makes the picture more lively and alive.


Process of Shadow Creation Service

Many different types of image editing are needed to make a shadow for an item. Cropping the images and further retouching is done automatically for the shadow creation service. The summary steps for this service can be picturize like below-  

  • Remove the background
  • Adjusting the color
  • lean agitation and diverting things away.

A picture needs to have perfect shadows and look 3D. This is so that different types of editing, such as taking away background, can keep the product’s features the way they were before. For shadow photoshops, you can use clonning. Yet, CCPL is the reliable clipping path company for you for drop shadow creation. 



If the picture can make people want to buy, why not make it live? Photoshop shadow service is an easy way to double the sale is to use a 3D picture. People tend to like 3D photos more than lifeless 2D photos. The best way to make 3D images is to add a drop shadow effect. To make the pictures look good, you can’t just have one person take them. There must be someone who can do photoshop services, or we have to do it on our own. But if you do both personal and professional work, you will get a different result.

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