Apparel retailers display their garment products on eCommerce websites. They use mannequins to create a hollow effect for the products such as shirt, suit, swimsuit, trousers, and so on. It gives the products a ghostly look. Therefore, this service is often named as ghost mannequin service or invisible mannequin service.

Some people use a transparent or removable mannequin to get a similar effect. But it does not give perfect output without post-processing. This is an expensive technique as well. Therefore, thousands of photographers, agencies, and eCommerce shop owners outsource neck joint services to reduce cost and time.

Neck Joint services


What is neck joint?

While we remove the mannequin from the post-production, it makes blank space around the neck. The neck of the cloth was behind the mannequin. Therefore, removing the mannequin during editing creates this space. Our professional photo editors require the photo of the neck part of the cloth separately to make the joint with this blank space. We create a clipping path and also apply different kinds of retouching techniques such as shadow, liquefy, and so on to make the image natural.

Why neck joint service?

Invisible mannequin service is usually a widely used effect for showcasing garment products. If you want to add a ghostly effect by removing the mannequin, then you need this service. We can also create 2D or 3D shapes of the product to give it a 360-degree view. It gives a professional look to the product and makes it realistic. An expert image artist will additionally remove unwanted wrinkles and dust from the garment. He can also resize and crop the image to make it perfect for the presentation. The bottom line is increasing the conversion and boosting your sales by lucrative product display.

Neck Joint services


3D mannequin effect

You may need to create a 3D effect of the product for animation video or online display. An image editor needs photos of the product from different angles and images with the missing part. He then joins the neck, bottom, or sleeve whichever is necessary to create a perfect 360-degree image.

Neck joint on ghost

When a retoucher works on the neck part of the cloth and fills out the space that has been created after removing the mannequin, we call it neck joint service. It requires a separate image of the neck portion that needs to be joined to the original image.

Bottom joint on ghost

In this service category, the image editor works on the bottom part of the garment if there is any blank space that has been created after removing the mannequin. We apply this service for garments with extra long tail such as tuxedo and large T-shirts.

Sleeve joint on ghost

While working with garment products such as shirts, T-shirts, jackets, and so on that have long sleeves, we may need to work on the sleeve after removing the mannequin. It creates a hollow space near the sleeve area that require to be filled by expert photo editors. They remove the space by joining the sleeves taken from another picture to make it real.

Sleeve joint on ghost

While working with garment products such as shirts, T-shirts, jackets, and so on that have long sleeves, we may need to work on the sleeve after removing the mannequin. It creates a hollow space near the sleeve area that require to be filled by expert photo editors. They remove the space by joining the sleeves taken from another picture to make it real.


Ecommerce business owners who use to sell garments and jewelry products are frequent users of this service. On the other hand, publishers of the magazine and other printing materials also need to use the ghost mannequin effect while artistically presenting the garment pictures. Besides, ad agencies, publishers of websites also need this service if they want to remove the mannequin before posting the garment photo. Neck joint service has a direct impact on the increased conversion rate.

Neck Joint services


Removal of background and all other unwanted parts from the image is the first thing we need to do for invisible mannequin service. Therefore, we need to create a clipping path around the garment. We also create required paths to remove undesired parts inside the garment.

When we are done with the clipping path, we remove the background, dummy, and unwanted parts from the image. The edges of the garment have to look sharp. Therefore, we apply a masking effect if necessary.

After removing the mannequin from the garment, it creates some space near the collar, neck, bottom, and sleeve. Therefore, we need a few other photographs of the garment from where we can pick the missing parts. Now, we fill out the empty spaces by cutting out the required parts from the other appropriate images.

Finally, we add some shadow effects near neck and collar portions or where necessary. Before delivering your work, we give the final retouching. We remove the unwanted shrinkage, dust, and check the opacity and angle to finish the job.


  •   In apparel photography, you need to apply this service to achieve your goal of better conversion while displaying the products on the website.
  •   While we remove the mannequin and background from the appeal, it draws out the distraction and makes the garment the center of attention. Therefore, online shoppers can sense the product in a better way.
  •   Appeal retailers hire models during photo-shoot. They need to spend thousands of dollars on it. On the other hand, the ghost mannequin service spares the company from spending a lot of money and time on actual models.
  •   While displaying the apparel on the eCommerce website with the invisible mannequin effect, it shows a neutral massage. Therefore, you can show the images to any group of audiences. If you display the product with a model it becomes difficult to maintain neutrality.
  •   Uniformity throughout the website and product catalog is important. Ghost mannequin visuals help you maintain the product display similar across the places where you want to show them. It keeps the attention of the audience on the product and prevents distraction.


What is the ghost mannequin effect?

In apparel photography, this effect is applied to the products for displaying them without the dummy. When we apply this technique, it creates a ghostly effect. Therefore, we name it like this.

What is flat lay photography?

It is an alternative technique to ghost mannequin or model photography. In this process, the garment product is laid down on a flat surface and then photographed with a professional photographer under proper lighting.

How many photos can you edit each day?

Whatever the complexity, we can edit 2000+ images a day for ghost mannequin. If you require only image cut out service, then we can work on 5000+ images per day.

What do you need to give this service?

We need the product photo with the mannequin. We also need the picture of the product separately from where we can cut out the missing parts necessary to create the ghostly effect. For the 3D effect, we need multiple images of the product from different angles.

Can I get a free trial before placing the order?

We are always open to give you a free trial to boost your confidence in us. Just drop your images and get delivery within hours. You can check our service quality and response time before making your decision.


Here at Creative Clipping Path, we ensure the perfect looking apparel photographs by giving the best neck joint service. Apart from removing the dummy, we give additional retouching and shadow services if it demands. We have a team of 400+ photo editors and image manipulators who are serving the clients 24/7. Therefore, we are not concerned about the volume of the work. We can deliver your work even you have a bulk order.

CCPL is giving neck joint and other photo editing services across the border. Currently, our service extends to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and many other European countries. If you have any confusion regarding our company and capacity, please feel free to contact us.

Our passion for achieving perfection with photo is pursued by skilled professionals offered to consumers for affordable prices using cutting-edge technological tools, systems and devices.


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