Drop shadow is very important in digital images for an authentic and fresh look. It is possible to get a more natural look for images using the shadow service. Normally, a shadow exists when the photograph is taken. However, more often than not, it is not part of the photo. When looking at a subject in an image, the shadow gives the image a more genuine and attractive look.

Drop Shadow


What is shadow effect?

Shadow is a visual effect that we create by using different photo editing software. We use it in our images to create a realistic look. Every image has a natural shadow. When the photographer captures the picture of an object, the natural shadow cannot be captured perfectly all the time. After removing the background of the image shadows are also removed with it. Therefore, we need to add it during post-production.


Natural or existing shadow

As the term suggests, the natural shadow is keeping the originality of the image and putting nothing artificial in it. But when you remove the background during editing, it will remove the shadow that occurred with the picture naturally. To get it back, an image editor creates it manually and optimizes the opacity and transparency to give it a realistic appearance.

Reflection or floating shadow

We apply it when we want to create a feel that the product is placed on a clean surface such as glass. In this effect, we see a reflection of the product as if we are seeing the product in a mirror. We can use this technique for displaying jewelry, watch, and any other products that are displayed on glass or clean counter.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow gives a realistic impression of the image that it feels like the object is floating above the shadow behind it. It is a unique shadow technique that portrays a view as if the product is under direct sunlight from the top. For showcasing eCommerce products, it is the best shadow effect compared to other techniques.

Castaway shadow

When we cast light on an object, we see a slanted shadow falls behind it. We call it cast-away shadow. During creating a more natural shadow of a human being or a large object, applying this effect is more practical. In Photoshop, we can add a castaway when the object is touching the surface.

Drop Shadow


Ecommerce retail business owners are the top users of this service. After displaying the products on the website, they focus on click-through rate and ultimately conversion. Therefore, to give the product a polished, live, and realistic view, image artists add shadows that ultimately enhance user experience and sales.

Photography agencies and photographers are also among the top industries for this service. Even the best photographers sometimes cannot capture all the subtle details of an image. If we can add the best Photoshop shadow effect with it, then the result becomes outstanding.


  •  After removing the background by creating a clipping path, the image becomes flat. To make the image lively, we need to add a curved or bent drop shadow that makes the photo natural.
  •  If the color of the product and the background become similar, applying this service is a useful technique to differentiate them. It makes the object more vivid
  •  For product display in your e-commerce store, you need to maintain uniformity while uploading the product images. Rightly added shadows such as box or curved shadow will do the job.
  •  Sometimes, adding this effect can change the context of the photograph to reflect the intended intention of the photographer
  •  If you want to keep the original shadow after post-production, then you may need to add this effect.
Drop Shadow


When we add a shadow to an object, we create black and gray shapes surrounding it that are congruent with the dimension of the object. The edges need to be soft and faint so that it looks real. The proportion of the image and shadow need to be consistent otherwise the viewers will detect it.

The first step is to creating a new layer and moving it at the bottom in the layer tray. Give the newly created layer a white background. Now select the object using the Photoshop pen tool. Make use there are no rough edges around the selection lines.

Create a mask and make sure that the product is showing in place of the background. From the layer style window, select the drop shadow box. It will show up a shadow around the object. Now adjust the opacity the looks best for the product.

Finally, adjust the angle to match the direction of the light, distance, and size of the shadow. Pull out the mask you created and flatten all the layers.


  •  It gives a natural look to the product image. If you remove the background from the image, the natural shadow goes away with it. Therefore, using this service makes the image realistic.
  •  An ecommerce business owner showcases her products through the images. A realistic image with proper shadow increases the click-through rate and ultimately increases sales.
  •  This technique is also important for offline product display. If you are creating the product catalog for the customers, then adding some shadows will create a real-life impact and improve the attention of the customers. Therefore, this service is equally important for both online and offline businesses.
  •  You can apply these effects on logos and texts other than e-commerce products to enhance beauty.


Why this service is important?

It is necessary to give your product a realistic look. Every product or object has its own natural shadow. During taking the photograph, it may not be possible to capture every detail of it. The natural shadow may also disappear during post-processing. Hence, we need to add this effect to give the product a better impression. It enhances the conversion and sales at the end.

What are the types of shadows?

Drop shadow is the most frequently used type of effect for eCommerce products. Other than this, natural shadow, cast away, reflection, or mirror effects are also common.

How much time do you need to complete a project?

We usually provide next day delivery or as per the client’s requested time frame. However, we can also honor your request if it needs extra fasts delivery.

What if I am not satisfied?

We always try to maintain the instruction of our clients. However, if you are still not satisfied and feel that you need a correction, we can do it before you accept the work.

What are the tools that you use to create natural shadow effect?

We use different tools in Adobe Photoshop to make the shadow real. Our commonly used tools are smudge tool, dodge and burn tool, and so on. We use these tools to create soft or high contrast shadow as per the needs.


At creative clipping path limited, we understand that realistic shadow creation service can be different based on the brands and individual products. Therefore, we take your project as a fresh one to align the design as per your objective. Thus, the added effect makes the product image shiny according to your brand personality.

We have more than 400 expert image manipulators who can create any kind of shadow as per the demands. Whether it is cast away, reflection, natural or drop shadow, the professional image artists of CCPL are capable of giving the most complex services within the stipulated time-frame.

Are you still confused about which kind of shadow service is suitable for you? Never hesitate to contact us or get a free trial to check our quality.

Our passion for achieving perfection with photo is pursued by skilled professionals offered to consumers for affordable prices using cutting-edge technological tools, systems and devices.


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