If content is a king, video is its crown. Both for content strategy and SEO, video plays an important role. Besides, a good video works as a powerful tool to drive your audiences into deep thought. Here, a top-rated video production service helps to tell your story. So, by creating a stylish and quality video, you can engage more audiences.
In Creative Clipping Path, we provide eye-pop up videography services. To evolve your brand, we role play business video production services.


What is Video Production?

Video production is the entire process of a video. Hence, this procedure compromises idea generation to present the video to the viewers. So, in business marketing, presentation, tv commercials or films, whatever the purpose the process is similar for all niche. The main three phases of corporate video production are-

  •   Pre-production
  •   Production
  •   Post-production

Who needs this service?

Videos are effective for digesting the information. So, professional video production services are essential for advertising agencies, event planning, training, music production, vlogging, traveling, film industries and many more. Besides, for branding your small business, you must need videography services. These small demo videos reach more audiences with several social medias. As a result, by a simple promotional video of your product, you can get more traffic on your website.


Rotoscoping VFX

Want to extract out different backgrounds in your video? Get Rotoscoping for VFX to create a matte or mask for any model or object. It’s the most time consuming task that we do for you with 100% accuracy.

Rotoscoping VFX

Video Retouching

Removing blemishes, brightening teeth and smoothing skin is done in our video retouching service. So, in no time we can remove an unwanted wire or dirty floor in your video.

Video Retouching

Virtual Compositing

Combine various elements in a 3D imaginary video with virtual composition. If your visual effects have live actors, you must need the compositing.

Virtual Compositing

Color Grading

Setting up contrast, color, saturation, detail, black level, and white point is important for quality video. Like so, enhance the appearance of your motion pictures, videos or still images by color grading service.

Color grading

3D Tracking, Matchmoving

The 3D camera tracker effect analyzes the video sequences through matchmoving. Here, we track place, object or integrate camera. Also, get precise area wireframing in camera tracking.

3D Tracking, Matchmoving

Broadcasting Motion

For broadcast branding in television channels and programs get the motion graphics here. Therefore, we ensure unique design according to your demand.

Broadcasting Motion

GIFs Animation

With many images in a single file, we provide the graphic control extension. For online marketing video production, these GIFs are worthwhile. Thus, you can get interesting GIF animations with us.

GIFs animation

UI Animation

As an implementation of motion we offer UI animation service. It adds interactivity to your product. Also, animations enhance a presentation.

UI animation

Promotional video

Do you want a promotional video for your product or service? We offer effective business video production services to attract your target audience.

Promotional video

Presentation, Infographic Motion

Making your presentation a blast is our task. For data visualization, we create infographics. So, presenting a complex topic is now easier with our presentation and infographic motion service.

Presentation, infographic motion

Product Marketing Video

As a product marketer, you must need promotional videos to attract target audiences. Thus, our online marketing video production provides the sum of all research and frames the message to promote a new product.

Titles, Logo Intro, Outro

For a brief view about your product, you have to start with an intro video. Like so, we have an effective and affordable video production service.

Explainer Video

In recent years, explainer videos have boomed in popularity for proven effectiveness. So, to tell your brand ' s stories in a memorable way, we provide business video production services.


Almost 88% of sales of a product has increased after advertising. So, video marketing is the most popular form of advertising. In CCPL, we make engaging ads that will take your brand to the heart of the audience.


  •   You have idea and if you want it to visualize by videography services
  •   When your complete video needs polishing or correction
  •   When you need a video to promote your business
  •   For cutting, trimming a video or adjust audio in a video
  •   To present something imaginary to your audiences


  •   Increase customer trust and sales
  •   Web video production helps to bring more traffic
  •   Creative videos create brand awareness among people
  •   Online marketing video production needs for SEO ranking
  •   Effective videography services engage more audiences


There are plenty of reasons that have made our company different from others for video production. We have a special team of videographers with 10+ years of experience. So, dealing with super complex projects is a simple play for them. Besides, we have an in-house training facility where we train our designers. Thus, they can keep peace with the latest changes in the video production industry. Our affordable video production service and 3-step quality checking are the reasons for hundreds of returning happy clients. Feel free to contact us for a free trial. We are here 24/7 to serve you anytime, from anywhere.

If you have photos need editing, we will request you to send us some samples along with requirement details. We will review them and reply back to you with a suitable quotation.

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