We may need to enlarge images for various purposes. While printing the promotional materials such as logos, banners, screen printing, vehicle wraps, engraving, we need a vector file to get the best output. Raster to vector conversion services come into play in these respects. This conversion will give you the freedom to zoom-in the image files to any degree without losing the quality.

Converting bitmaps to vectors is time-consuming and tedious. If you do not have a team of professional image artists, then it will not be cost-effective to do the job by yourself. Therefore, outsourcing this service will be a cheaper and time-saving solution for you.

Raster to Vector services

Figure 1 : Original Raster Image


What is Vectorization

Vectorization is converting the raster graphics to vectors by manual actions. Though you can do it by automatic tools the result will not be ideal for the purpose. Therefore, to get the best results to fulfill the needs, a photo-artist does the job by hand.

Raster vs vector images

Raster or bitmap images are created from the grid of pixels. The pixels are square-shaped that contain color information. The common type of raster image formats is GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and so on. A raster image will contain a certain number of pixels. Therefore, when you enlarge the image, it will become blurry and you will see the grids with hundreds of pixels.

On the other hand, vector images are constructed with the geometric formula that defines the color and shape of the object. Common file formats for this type of graphic are AI, SVG, CDR, EPS, PICT, and so on. We can enlarge vector images to any size without losing the quality.

Raster to Vector services

Figure 2 : Raster Image Zoomed


Vector artwork conversion service

This service includes the work of redrawing raster images. Whatever the file format is, our professional photo artists will convert it into vectors that are suitable for digital printing or any other promotional material production. We draw the images by hand during the conversion to give it a feel that your customers are exactly looking for.

Single color vector or line art

In this method, we convert a photograph into vector lines to present the morph or skeleton of it. This type of conversion is necessary if you want to engrave a shape. As it needs manual input, the time required to finish this job depends on the complexity of the picture. If you want detailed artwork with more lines, then it will be more time-consuming.

Vector illustration of images

A photograph has a soft color tone. Vectorization means drawing the detail of it manually. A raster photograph can have millions of tiny pixels with millions of color variations. Reproduction of the same in vector drawing is not possible because there are no small pixels to carry the information of the tiny part of the photo. We can create the vector graphic of a photograph or a part of it to illustrate the subject as per the client’s requirement.

Exact copy conversion of art and logo design

If you have lost the original file of your logo or artwork, then you may need to reproduce it to make it scalable. You may need to use these files for product catalog, brochure, banner, and any other branding materials. Therefore, if you have a blurred logo or artwork that requires to be vectorized, then we can provide you service with the best value for the money.

Vectorize the product images

The owner of an e-commerce store always wants to present the product in a lucrative manner. Therefore, product images need to be gorgeous. A raster image sometimes may not always depict the image perfectly. Thus, we may need to convert the product images into a vector to present even the tiny detail of the product to increase sales.

Raster to Vector services

Figure 2 : Vector Image Zoomed


Vector conversion is a prerequisite for different printing, engraving, and cutting machines that gives an exact output as per the input file. The design file needs to be a vector graphic. Below is a list of the industries that require vector conversion services.

  •   Automatic wood carving
  •   Logo and signage design
  •   Glass etching
  •   Vehicle wraps
  •   Enamel pins
  •   Banner and other promotional material design
  •   Screen printing
  •   Metal stamping
  •   Laser engraving


  •   If we want to enlarge an image to an infinite degree without compromising the quality, then we need this service. Raster files are constructed with pixels that lose the quality while zoomed in.
  •   Resolution is the quality of raster images. If you want to make your images super-crisp without depending on the resolution, you need to convert it to vector.
  •   If you want to decrease the number of colors in the images and reduce the cost of printing, then you need to take this service and make the conversion.
  •   Vector conversion is an act of drawing. Therefore, if your purpose needs a drawing file instead of painting, you need to take the service for necessary changes to the original raster file.
  •   If you have a scanned image or old photograph that needs to restore quality, then you need to take R2V service.
  •   Banner and other promotional material design
  •   Screen printing
  •   Metal stamping
  •   Laser engraving


  •   An online vector conversion service will spare you from a manual and laborious work.
  •   It will be cheaper and cost-effective compared to doing it with your in-house setup.
  •   Vector files are lightweight. Therefore, bulk R2V conversion will save your disk space.
  •   Vector images are crisp, vivid, and realistic.
  •   You are the producer of the logo, line art, 3D animation, then you need to convert your images and take this service.
  •   It gives the producers of promotional materials perfect outputs that they cannot get from raster files.


We convert the raster graphics to vector by hand. It needs years of experience to make the conversion picture perfect. Our professional image editors draw the vector arts manually with adobe illustrator. We can convert all kinds of raster files irrespective of formats. Thus it is possible to convert jpg to vector, BMP to vector, png to vector, or any other formats you name it.


We give raster to vector service in any part of the world – be it in the USA, UK, Canada, or Europe. Our perfect blending of expert human resources and the latest technology makes the conversion even better than the original. Our 24/7 support, unbeatable price, expert image manipulators, and uncompromising quality have made us the best vector conversion service provider company in the industry.

Do you still have any doubts? You can contact us for a free trial or get a quote in a few hours.


What are the file types that you accept for this service?

The raster file formats that we can work on are BMP, doc, pdf, png, tiff, ppt, eps, ai, gif, jpg, jpeg, SVG, PSD, and so on.

What are the file types that I am going to receive as an output?

We usually draw the vector graphics with adobe illustrator or Photoshop. You can receive the file in AI, SVG, CDR, PDF, EPS, PS, DXF, WMF format as per your choice.

How do you convert the raster images?

We usually convert the file manually with help of an appropriate application. We keep our focus on the intended use of the images while making the changes to it.

What are the different forms of vector conversion?

In general, it can be of two types –a replica of the image ( ex – logo) and vectorization of an image for line art drawing or vector color illustration ( with or without color gradients).

Our passion for achieving perfection with photo is pursued by skilled professionals offered to consumers for affordable prices using cutting-edge technological tools, systems and devices.


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