Multiple clipping path is one of the most popular and essential services for any type of image editing. It is an essential technique for detailed editing work such as recoloring, retouching, resizing, replacing any portion of the image, and many more. It is a frequently used technique during image editing service for e-commerce product displays.


Multiple Clipping Path, shortly known as “multi path”, is a form of clipping path. As the term implies, it is the use of multiple paths during conducting the clipping of an image. We usually create the paths using the pen tool of adobe photoshop. However, it is more laborious compared to the basic or simple clipping path technique.

Let us assume that a model for a photograph needs to fly to Africa with the photographer, supporting, and technical team for a photo shoot. It is expensive to arrange a foreign tour for any business. A professional photo editing service provider can do the job for you in a cost-effective way. During editing, they can use an existing photo of that model or capture a new one in your local country. Now, you can place the photo of the model in the photo taken in Africa using multiple clipping paths. You can even modify the color of the cloths, add or remove surrounding objects if you can craft the multiclipping perfectly. You can do all these with a fraction of the cost of actually scheduling a photography session with the model in Africa.

Multi-Clipping Path Services


If you are running an online jewelry business, then you may need a jewelry retouching service. Multiple clipping path makes it possible to work on each of the stones of the jewelry and give it a ravishing look that attracts the customers

Similarly, if you are running an online brand shop, studio, or photography agency, then you may be frequently editing bulk images now and then. To get the perfection and required output, you need to create multiple clipping paths around the portions of the image where you want to work. It is a necessary prerequisite for different image editing processes such as retouching, neck joint, ghost manipulation, jewelry retouching, and so on.

Multiple Clipping Path


  •   It will help you create a different filling effect for different parts of the image.
  •   You will get different paths for different portions of the product that makes it possible to manipulate the image partially
  •   This method will help you manipulate a complex object such as jewelry.
  •   Sometimes, it helps us merge different images. For example, you can replace a component of an image with a similar component from another image.
  •   Multiple paths are necessary to correct the tone, shade, or color of a particular part of the image.
  •   It is also necessary to remove the background from an image that has multiple subjects.


What is the difference between clipping and multi-clipping service?

Functionally, both of the services are quite similar. We need to create multiple paths if the object is complicated or if the work demands. It is usually more laborious compared to creating a single path.

What are the image editing techniques that require multi-path?

If you want some advanced level of image editing such as recoloring, retouching, manipulation, and so on, then you may need multiple clipping path services. When you are working with multiple objects or products in the same picture, then you must need to create a separate path for each object.

How much does this service cost?

Our starting price for multiple clipping path service is $5. However, the price may vary depending on your requirements and the efforts that are required to accomplish the job.

What if I’m not satisfied?

We are always striving to achieve 100% client’s satisfaction. However, if you still need any changes, we can rework it before you accept.

What is your payment policy?

We will issue the invoice after you review and accept the work. You can pay us through PayPal, MasterCard, or bank transfer.

Why choose us for affordable multiple clipping path service?

As an industry expert, we are giving multiple clipping path services at the cheapest price without compromising the quality. With long years of experience and a dedicated expert team, we can serve you the best image editing and manipulation service. We have a huge satisfied clientele who are giving us repeated orders regularly. If you have any hesitation, then take a free trial before placing the order.

Our passion for achieving perfection with photo is pursued by skilled professionals offered to consumers for affordable prices using cutting-edge technological tools, systems and devices.


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