Professional image manipulation is such a service that not only requires skills but also creativity. The expert image editor imagines something abstract and applies the skills to bring it to reality. Therefore, photo manipulation is time-consuming, and not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to stand out in the competition, first you need to professionally photoshoot the product. But that’s only the half of it. To give a ‘wow’ effect to it, you need photo manipulation services to get your customers hooked and increase the sales.


What is image manipulation?

Photo manipulation is the process of changing or transforming a photo into an altered version using different photo editing tools and techniques. We can apply this technique to a single image or combine multiple images to make a collage. There are several professional and basic photo editing software that make the life of the image manipulators easy. We manipulate images to make the image pleasing to the eyes of the audience to reach to a certain goal.

Image Manipulation services
Who can use this service?

Professional image manipulation service is useful for every business owner. For example, if you operate an eCommerce business, you may not get the desired output from simple global actions to your product photos such as color correction. We can add some effects, blend or merge photos, remove unwanted elements, add stylized background to get the crisp images that really convert to sales.

Other than typical consumer product photography, this service can benefit any other types of photos as well. We have headshot manipulators who can deliver you stunning results when you feel hopeless looking at the raw files. Photographers, agencies, and studios may also have clients in different industries such as real estate who need astounding images to sell their products. All these groups of persons require this services.


Photoshop compositing service

Make a composition of different images into a single one to make it artistic. Our photoshop experts will select the right object, light, color, background, brightness, and contrast to produce the perfect themed photo.

Removing an object

We can remove, replace, or add an object of your photo that you need correction. It is possible to change the sad face to happy, change the facial expression, cut out a part of a person and put it in the photo, and so on.

Photoshop photo blending

Blending two different layers of different photos in photoshop to make it the desired product or model photo is an excellent idea. We can apply this technique for product images, advertisements, images for magazines, newspapers, and others.

Photo collage service

A digital artist takes different elements from different images to create a collage. It is the process of merging whatever elements you want from many pictures and make it a meaningful one that speaks exactly what you want.

Portrait photo manipulation

We will manipulate the images to remove the unwanted blemish, change the background, enhance the glamour, and give an artistic look. Our expert image manipulators will use all the necessary effects to get the final results.

Product photo manipulation

Ravishing product images are so important for your eCommerce business. We can recolor the product, remove unwanted dent or blemish, add a suitable background, add any effect if necessary to make it natural and attractive.

Image to sketch or painting conversion

We can give an artistic effect to portrait or any images by converting it to a sketch, painting, or cartoon. You can use these images as a cover photo or featured images for your online and offline publications.

Addition of special effects

Special effects can be used to produce a themed photo. The service includes applying professional stylization, pin-up effect, complex coloring, vintage effect, dodge & burn effect, smoke effect, background replacement, and so on.


  •   Image manipulation is cost-effective. It can save you money from buying the costumes for the photoshoot. We can make all the changes in the post-production.
  •   If you take this service, you do not need to hire a makeup artist, hairstylist, and some other technical experts. It will set you free from the big hassle of this arrangement.
  •   It will help you change the overall impression of an image and convey positivity. We can replace a gloomy face of a model with a cheerful one keeping other things the same.
  •   Image manipulation is also necessary to make changes and beautify the images to maintain consistency according to the brand guideline


Creative Clipping Path Limited (CCPL) is a renowned image manipulation company in the world with more than 400 expert photo editors. We are serving hundreds of clients in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, all around Europe and other parts of the world. Image manipulation is a complex job that requires years of experience. We have a dedicated team of image manipulators with 10+ years of experience to handle any kind of complexity.

Our experienced image editors ensure quality and the 3 step checking confirms it further. We have a 24X7 customer support team that is ready to answer all your queries within a few minutes. We are open all through the year to deliver the work within 24 hours. As a process of continuous learning, we spend a substantial time training our retouchers to make them familiar with the latest updates in the industry. What else you expect? Please feel free to contact us or request a free quotation.


Why do I need an image manipulation service?

If you want to create a lucrative and stunning design to stand out in the competition then you need this service. It is also important to make a picture lively, change the overall impression of the image to bring your desired output, make necessary changes by adding proper effects that become congruent to your brand persona.

Where to apply this service?

This service is applicable for editing e-commerce images, designing business cards, product brochures, packaging items, designing images for the magazine, newspaper, and other publications, designing greeting cards, templates, and all other similar designs.

What if I am not satisfied?

We appreciate your detailed instruction during placing the order. Our image editors will work accordingly and we will deliver the work after proper quality checking. If you are not satisfied even after that, we can rework it after your further instruction.

What are the effects you apply during image editing?

Our expert image manipulators will apply creative surreal yet realistic effects using photoshop techniques. Pinup effect, photoshop blending, compositing, stylization, complex coloring, image merging & collaging, object removal, dodge & burn effect are some of the effects and techniques that we apply during image manipulation.

Our passion for achieving perfection with photo is pursued by skilled professionals offered to consumers for affordable prices using cutting-edge technological tools, systems and devices.


Cretive Clipping Path is a professional Graphics Design, Image Editing, Video Post-Production, 3D Modeling services provider located in Southeast Asia. Our company has more than 400+ Photo Manipulation Artists (PMAs) working in 3 different shifts, 24 hours a day. Creative Clipping Path provides quality image editing services set to meet the worldwide professional standards. read more...


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