Image retouching is the local adjustment of an image during editing in post-production. It is a process of polishing the photo that is usually done after some globalized action. Such as color correction in any photo.

An expert image editor will make these final adjustments at the end of the photo editing process. The goal of photo retouching is to improve overall image quality and appearance.

Photo Retouching Service


What is photo retouching?

Image retouching is the local adjustment of an image during editing in post-production. It is a process of polishing the photo that is usually done after some globalized action such as color correction. An expert image editor will make these final adjustments at the end of the photo editing process. The objective of photo retouching is the overall improvement of image quality and appearance.


Wedding photo retouching

Make your wedding photo more romantic with our image editing services. Our services include airbrushing, color correction, light balancing, wrinkle correction, and so on.

Body retouching

We can reshape the figure of the model to make it look ideal for the purpose. It is possible to improve the muscle, make the body slimmer, improve the body curves, remove the hair, dodge, burn, and many more.

Product photo retouching

Make your eCommerce product photo look ravishing with our skillful photo retouching services. We can provide you with a wide range of support. Namely clipping path, background removal, color correction to shadow, airbrushing, and many others.

New-born photo retouching

Who doesn't love to make a charming album with their baby pictures? We are here to make the images cute and adorable with a range of services. Such as prop removal, clothes, background editing, skin, nose, eye airbrushing, and so on.

Jewelry photo retouching

Jewelry photos should look bright, shiny, and free from any minute blemish and flaw. We can work on each of the gemstones and make them look glossy. Reflection removal, metal surface polishing, and color enhancement are also important for you to increase sales.

Real estate photo retouching

Real estate photo means showing your dreams to your clients. Thus, the photos have to be meticulously gorgeous. So that it helps your clients make their preliminary decision. Our image retouching services includes but is not limited to sky replacement, window cut out, lawn, and horizon retouching.

Glamour portrait retouching

Make the portrait glamorous with our photo editing services. Our professional DTPs are experts in makeup retouching, hair, eye, and skin airbrushing, changing the color tone, dodge and burn, and many other techniques most suitable for the job.

High-end photo retouching

High-end photo editing requires a lot of time and expertise. Why photoshoots in the daytime and post-production at night? We are here to give the service at the cheapest price. We are experts in editing fashion photography for newspapers and magazines.


You may need localized action during the final touch-up of the photo editing process. For instance- it needs to apply for wrinkle removal of the clothes to make them smoother.

If the eCommerce product is slightly damaged then you need to take this service. To make the photo blemishless in post-production this service is very helpful.

According to your brand identity and personality, you need to touch up your photos. You should match the aesthetics of the photos.

Do you want to add or remove a local object in the photo to make it more natural and beautiful? Then you need an airbrushing service.

When you are targeting to increase the eCommerce sales conversion you need a photo retouch-up service to present the product images in a captivating way.


It enhances the appearance of your images. In the eCommerce business, your clients will make their decisions based on the product photo you upload on the website.

Photo retouch-up service increases your brand image ensuring premium quality photos that are free from any minute blemish.

Image retouching services save you a lot of time. It delivers bulk images within a very short period.

Moreover, it enhances conversion and sales.


Creative Clipping Path Limited (CCPL) is one of the most renowned photo retouch-up and image editing services providers in the world. We run our production and operation 24 x 7 throughout the year to meet your demand.

Free revisions, on-time responses, timely delivery, in-house training facility, and experienced image artists are a few of our strengths that have made our clients highly satisfied with our work.

Wherever you are living in the world, we deliver our services across the globe seamlessly. Our prime client bases are in the USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Germany, and all around Europe. Therefore, we know the work pattern and needs of different geographic areas. Do not hesitate to request a free quote or contact us for any confusion.


What do image editors do in photo retouching?

An image editor or photo retoucher corrects the skin tone, and unwanted spots on the face, and reshapes the body figure and muscles. They also smoothen the wrinkle, remove the blemish, and dents to make the product look attractive. Other than these, they also add or subtract any local element to make the photo natural.

What are the types of shadows?

Drop shadow is the most frequently used type of effect for eCommerce products. Other than this, natural shadow, cast away, reflection, or mirror effects are also common.

Why do I need this service?

Globalized editing actions are not good enough to get the desired image quality. Thus, we need to apply to retouch techniques to remove any kind of local flaws present in the picture.

Who needs this service?

Any kind of image editing requires a retouching service. Ecommerce business owners are the major group of people who direly need this service. It increases sales through an attractive presentation of the product. Besides, photographers, photographic agencies, and studio owners also need bulk image editing and retouch-up services for their clients.

What made you the best photo retouch up service provider?

Photo editing requires years of experience. Some of our image manipulators have more than 10 years of experience in this industry. They know how to convert your image to a conversion machine. We have 24/7 support, 3-step quality checking, an in-house training facility, and the cheapest price to offer. There are plenty of reasons for our clients to be happy with us.

What kind of images need this service?

Ecommerce product images, jewelry photos, garments and apparel, wedding images, newborn photographs, portrait photographs, invisible mannequin photography, and real estate images need this service to make the final output more vibrant and shinier.

Our passion for achieving perfection with photo is pursued by skilled professionals offered to consumers for affordable prices using cutting-edge technological tools, systems and devices.


Cretive Clipping Path is a professional Graphics Design, Image Editing, Video Post-Production, 3D Modeling services provider located in Southeast Asia. Our company has more than 400+ Photo Manipulation Artists (PMAs) working in 3 different shifts, 24 hours a day. Creative Clipping Path provides quality image editing services set to meet the worldwide professional standards. read more...


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