What Are Ghost Mannequin Services

What Are Ghost Mannequin Services?

The success of your clothing ecommerce site is dependent on the quality of your product images. Your customer should be able to get the most out of the product by using your website and pictures. Yet, hiring models, preparing a set for a photoshoot can be time-consuming and costly. If you think you do not have that kind of budget, you can use the ghost mannequin service. You’ll be able to provide your customers with high-resolution detailed images. From various perspectives and angles to make it realistic you can use photo editing services.


Let’s know what ghost mannequin editing or neck joint photoshop are. Also, what kind of services it provides.

What is ghost mannequin service?

Neck joint service is another name for mannequin removal service. It actually means to remove the mannequin from the image and replace it with the neck. A photographer takes three side shots of each product for this process (front, inner, back). Ghost mannequin editing is an essential part of image post-production. Neck joint photoshop is required on photo editing services for any type of dress. For instance- shirts, womenswear, a baby dress, and many more. 


After that, the mannequin gets removed in ghost mannequin effect photo editing. The three parts of an image were attached in the final image by our professional graphic design team. So, the photographer needs to have a clear idea about how to do photography for a ghost mannequin service.

Benefits of ghost mannequin

  • It’s a low-cost photo editing service that gives an apparel website a unified appearance.
  • Allows the customer to focus on the product rather than the model or the background of a digital image.
  • Online shoppers can see the product in action and imagine how it would look on them.
  • The ghost mannequin gives the clothing item a human-like shape without the expense of a real model.
  • The photos will take less time to edit because the mannequin will be removed immediately. To remove flaws from a traditional model’s body and face, ghost mannequin effect photo editing is required.

Ghost mannequin service is more than its name

It is more common to use clothing photography for social media with live models in public places. For Amazon product photography live models or just flat style photography is required.

In e-commerce clothing photography, a live model or a ghost mannequin enhances the showcase of the product. A mannequin-free shopping experience can be achieved by using the invisible mannequin effect.

Ghost mannequin effect photo editing is known as the neck joint service.  It is not just one service, it’s a mixture of other services. Even, to remove and combine many shots with blending its texture needs good photography. Also adding dimensions to make it realistic you need professional ghost mannequin editing. Thus, it can be a huge amount of work!


Ghost mannequin effect photo editing sets the tone for your online store. Still, low-quality clothing images will not persuade your customers to spend their money. On top, it will take a lot of your time where you could be focusing on your business. No worries if you have a tight schedule! Many photo editing service providers offer ghost mannequin services in a shorter time. For instance, you can outsource bulk neck joint photoshop from CCPL. As a professional clipping path company, they assure your satisfaction with the final result.

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