photography for ghost mannequin service

How to do photography for a ghost mannequin service?

Models can increase almost 88% of sales of your apparel. So, presenting fashion and apparel is best with models. Yet, live models are expensive and may be difficult to schedule. In that case, you can choose a ghost mannequin service for a realistic presentation to the customers. This service is critical as the customers have to rely on them while buying clothes from online stores. You may be an online retailer or a photographer, ghost mannequins will serve you in your toughest situations to present your fashion and apparel items.

Ghost mannequin photography

Ghost mannequin photography is a product shoot that gives a human-like outlook to any cloth. Basically, a ghost mannequin is an effect that you can use to present your fashion apparel. It is used to display the clothing dimension with every detail. If you use a dummy to show off your dress online, it may drop the image value remarkably. So, the dummy or model is erased from the product after photography. In brief, a ghost mannequin is used to have a 360-degree view of your dressing image.

Ghost mannequin epitome

  • Neck joint: Separate portion of the neck part needs to replace the vacant place after removing a mannequin. You need a neck joint for your clothes for a flawless look in the upper part.
  • Bottom joint: Removal of distractions from the bottom of clothes makes it more fascinating.
  • Sleeve joint: Full sleeve dresses need sleeve joint service to get rid out of horror or vacant look. Our skilled maestros provide impressive sleeve joint service.
  • 360 degree/ 3D effect: Get a full view with 3D effect. Make sure to complete your dress’s photo has no missing part or faulty look by this service.

For getting any of these services you have to have a perfect photo of your product. It is important for an effective post-production effect. For an accurate photo, you need to take two or more snaps from different angles. Then you can just combine and get the best image.

Revealing the photoshoot for Ghost mannequin

●       Pick a perfect dummy

Mannequins for dummies are found in different sizes and shapes. Fit garments attract more customers. So, you have to choose the right one that fits your clothing. Use the male mannequin for the male dress and the female mannequin for the female clothes. The main target is to prepare it to look like an invisible person is wearing your product. You can have a full-body mannequin that consists of a torso and legs in one. Considering the products you can also choose either torso or legs if you have a tight budget. For instance, if your products are trousers, pants, underwear, you can have only a leg mannequin for a photoshoot. On the other hand, if you offer dresses like shirts, tops, bras, coats, polos, and blazers, you can buy a mannequin that only has a torso.

●       Preparation for the photography

84% success of photography depends on preparation and planning. Before starting the photography, the mannequin needs to be set in a proper background. Most of the customers like to see the product in white background. If the dummy has hair, tie them up. Make sure that the hem of the clothes in the neck and shoulders are clearly visualized. White mannequins are non-reflective and easily mixed up in the white background. Careful about the sleeves. Present each nicknack of your product that makes an impressive gesture to the customers.

●       Symmetric presentation

Keep an extra eye on the shoulder line of the mannequin while putting the dress on. If your dress is not perfectly fit in the dummy, you can use a pin and tape for the best setup. Also, you can measure the borderlines for symmetric dress up. Grid overlay may lessen your hassle for better alignment. Keep the sleeves in their best position.

●       Camera adjustment

To ensure a good photoshoot, it is needed to have a high-quality studio setup and camera arrangements. The studio room must be big enough to set the lights and camera adjust properly. Set the camera and other equipment in the best possible position to avoid distraction. Take snots from far away if you want to capture big items. A close shot will be helpful for your smaller products to look clear. When you take images for the upper part, make the camera level to the chest line. For the lower part, just put the camera across the hip line. Angling the camera too high or too low may be the reason for bad photography.

●       Snapping inside out

Now it’s time for photo shooting! It is a good practice to take multiple snaps from the back and front parts worn by the mannequin. For this, using a static mannequin is great. Make stylish gestures with them to ensure the limbs are visible out of the frame. To turn out the 3D view, you have to hang the cloth on the hardboard for snapping the inner view. Same way, you have to take a photo of the back and front inner part of the hanging cloth. While taking pictures, look after the lighting. All the snaps for the same product must be taken in the same lighting. Otherwise, the color may vary for in and out or back and front. So, the cardboard for hanging the cloth should be set in the same place and the same height.

  • Select the final images

From all the images you shoot, check out the most accurate images. For the same product choose at least two images for the front and back, inside and out snaps. Your images are ready to combine and have a 3D look with post-processing.

Done with the photoshoot?

Hopefully, you have done a successful photoshoot. Now, your product images are ready for post-processing. You can brush up your image with a ghost mannequin effect by yourself. Nevertheless, getting a maestro at this may take a long time and practice. If you have bulk images to process short time, you can get us for ghost mannequin service. It’s an unbeatable service to bring lives to your clothes.

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