Ghost Mannequin

Importance of Ghost Mannequin Service in Fashion Industry

Almost 89% of the garment and fashion industry are using ghost mannequin service at present. In order to display their product online, online sellers use this service. The mannequin photoshop gives jackets, shirts, pants, and women’s items a perfect look. So, the demand for ghost…

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Drop Shadow Service

How to Add Drop Shadow in Photoshop

Shadows add reality to the objects. For a lively presentation of any object, shadow plays an important role. If you are an online seller, you need to use the drop shadow service frequently. To fulfill this demand, you can learn the process by yourself or…

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Color Correction Service

6 Horrible Mistakes you are Doing in Color Correction

Nearly 80% of customers believe that colors improve brand recognition. Most of the time, finding the perfect color is a challenge. In that case, color correction is a must. This service included adjusting saturation, hue, shadow, enhancement, brightness, and many more related to the color.…

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jewelry retouching service

5 Creative Tips for Jewelry Retouching

Due to Covid-19, nearly 81% of buyers ignored going to jewelry stores and buying ornaments from online shops. Here, images are fully responsible for convenience for the customers to purchase items. Your jewelry business is mostly depending on images in your online store. The main…

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photography for ghost mannequin service

How to do photography for a ghost mannequin service?

Models can increase almost 88% of sales of your apparel. So, presenting fashion and apparel is best with models. Yet, live models are expensive and may be difficult to schedule. In that case, you can choose a ghost mannequin service for a realistic presentation to…

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Background removal service

How to Find a Good Background Removal Service?

Almost 90% of images are unable to grab the attention of the viewers due to the noisy background. Unconsciously, you always avoid pictures with messy surroundings.  Background removal allows you to cut out the unwanted part in your image. Moreover, you can easily customize your…

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image editing service

How to choose the best image editing service in 2021

‘A perfect photograph’ is actually a myth till image editing was introduced. Because maintaining image perfection is the toughest work. Even skilled photographers are unable to capture the perfect photos every time. Yet we love to look ourselves appear flawless in every image. Fixing the…

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Gimp Vs Photoshop

Gimp Vs Photoshop

GIMP is a free software which is often call an alternative to Photoshop. By this, we can do so many things what actually Photoshop can do. Gimp Vs Photoshop gives you a detail comparison about it.