How to Do Image Color Correction in Photoshop Faster?

How to Do Image Color Correction in Photoshop Faster?

Color is one of the most important elements of any photo. So, behind a good photo, image color correction can be a great job. But sometimes you may encounter some color problems with your image. Since Photoshop is one of the best flexible tools for photo editing, here you can use a color correction service to enhance your photos. But you have to process it.

So here, this blog will guide you about some fundamental color problems and how you can deal with them.

Quick Steps to Do Photo Color Correction in Photoshop

Doing photo color correction is simple in photoshop. Yet, you need some practice to become a maestro on these special skills. 

Let’s have a glance at the detailed color correction process here. 

Real Color Problem

What we see in natural light is different from digital photography. Light stimulates the colors that affect the way we look at things around us. So, in digital images, it may seem unrealistic because of the color problem.

To start the color correction process first, you need to open the Photoshop app and paste the image you want to fix. Select the Color Balance adjustment function, click on the menu bar, and then select Midtone. Three sliders will appear, allowing you to adjust the color of your selected image. Pick the color slider according to your photo and adjust them until it looks right. 

Removing Color Cast

A hue shift in the image sequence, perhaps light reflected from surrounding objects. For instance, many images taken with artificial light have a green cast.

To fix this, open up your image in photoshop. We suggest using a Duplicate in the layer for safety. Follow the Pen Tool to select a portion of your image. Then choose the color of Blend Mode. If you press the Alt-Tab on your keyboard, the brush changes to Eye Dropper. Choose a soft round brush and pick a similar or the closest color to the image. Make sure to adjust the opacity layers to get a transparent image. For white appliances repeat the same process. You can use a Layer Mask if you accidentally brush an area that is not supposed to be covered. So, Mask Out those areas and restore them.

Fixing the Color Contrast of the Image

Many people choose raw editing to solve this problem but you can sharpen your image just by using Photoshop. To fix the color contrast you need to adjust the vibration and saturation. Although they both deal with the same problem, these have small differences. The vibration slider works to add saturation to specific areas of any image. If adding vibration doesn’t solve the problem, start increasing the saturation slowly on the slider according to your needs. 

Restoring the Color of the Image

Sometimes adjusting the image’s color will result in a grey or black image with no other color. To fix the problem, click the Image option then go to Mode. If your image color mode is gray color choose RGB or CMYK. Finally, your image loss error will be solved by the fastest color correction process.  


The most important editing skill in photography is to get the right color idea. Casting a strange color can destroy a great masterpiece. Initially, it may be difficult to solve your problem using this tool. With adequate practice, you will become accustomed to Photoshop. In any case, a professional color correction service like Creative Clipping Path will offer you the best image editing with their creativity.

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