Ghost Mannequin Service vs. Flat Lay Photography: Which Technique Is Better?

Ghost Mannequin Service vs. Flat Lay Photography: Which Technique Is Better?

There is a burning question about the photography style for an eCommerce business. Which one will be the best style for your business using a live model, ghost mannequin, or flat lay photography?

For any online business holder, pictures are the accessible medium to represent the quality of the product. The visual experience of ghost mannequin services differs from that of flat-lay photography. Indeed the way products you are visualizing are very important.

Get clear insights into ghost mannequins and flat-lay photography. This can help you choose the right one for your business.

Ghost Mannequin Photography

A ghost mannequin is a type of product photography used to display clothing on a mannequin without showing the mannequin itself. This service is also known as neck joint service, and invisible mannequin service as well.

This editing of the image in post-production removes the mannequin completely. In another way, using a clear dummy that blends into the background.

Photographers use invisible mannequins to showcase clothing, accessories, and other products in eye-catching and unique ways. However, the hollow man effect or ghost mannequin product photography requires very simple styling.


  • This type of photography makes their products stand out from the competition.
  • It allows seeing how the product fits with the shape of the human body.
  • Besides this technique requires a least of props to set up.
  • You can get a detailed image of the presented products.


  • Need experienced hands in post-production works.
  • A bit expensive compared to other techniques.

Flat lay Photography

Flat Lay is a photography technique processed by the simplest professional method of capturing from the top of the setup product. Very basic skills can bring your product images still life in this type of photography.

Moreover, you need to work on the background area to photograph the product while it is lying flat. Using different backgrounds can give your products a unique and creative look. Otherwise, you can get a background removal service for your product images.

As It might seem that flat lay photography is a simple image with nothing to exaggerate. So, it can do with a basic skill. Yet, an expert can bring a professional result with the perfect angle.


  • Allows versatile styling.
  • Effective for various clothing types.
  • Attractive background can make the images look great.
  • Easy to set up with accessories.


  • A flat-lay photography setup is time-consuming.
  • Large clothing products are not suitable for this type of photography.

Whether ghost mannequin photography or, flat lay photography is right for your business will also depend on specific conditions. Such as your preference, budget, and market demand. Even the same goes for live model photography.

Quality images convert sales. Thus, choosing the right strategy for your product is essential.

Last Words

At the beginning of a business, you may not have a good budget for your product photo editing services. So flat lay photography can be a good option for now. Whereas ghost mannequin photo editing services are professionally more acceptable.

Besides with a decent budget, you can get a professional ghost mannequin effect photo editing service online or offline. These service providers will make your work easy. A bunch of photo editing experts is ready to help you on the Creative Clipping Path.

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