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5 Creative Tips for Jewelry Retouching

Due to Covid-19, nearly 81% of buyers ignored going to jewelry stores and buying ornaments from online shops. Here, images are fully responsible for convenience for the customers to purchase items. Your jewelry business is mostly depending on images in your online store. The main purpose of jewelry retouching services is to give the ornaments a lucrative look. When the jewelry photos set out a ‘want it now’ vibe to the customers, your sales will increase tremendously.

Let’s first have a fast glance to the

Back to Basics

Jewelry editing is the post-photography process. This includes removal of blemishes, increased shine, softening the shadows, and giving an appealing look. When going to add images in your online store, the raw images may seem gloomy. The visitors will lose interest if the images are not enticing. Moreover, to impress women with just an image is difficult. In that case, it must seem realistic and detail-oriented. In jewelry image retouching, you can get ornaments polished and better visualized. All that easily catches your buyer’s eye.

The main targets of Jewelry retouching service are-

  • Removing flaws
  • Quality enhancement

When the targets are fulfilled, your images become perfect for displaying online. So, to shout out from the noise, high-end jewelry editing service is a must.

The Top 5 Approach

  1. Color correction: Jewelry contains metals. It is the most important thing that the metal color is recognizable in the images. The true colors of metals or diamonds may not appear the same in the photo as they do in person. In that case, you have to fix the colors of the metals and diamonds. Metals should be polished so that they twinkle in the right spots and are free of stains. If necessary, you should combine or remove resonances and shadows. Also, ensure every gloomy point in the jewel is removed. Thus, your customers will be satisfied to see the real image of jewelry with the exact color of metal and diamonds.
  2. Balance the brightness and contrast: If you want to give ornaments an authentic look, maintaining the right image tone is a must. For many reasons, you may not achieve the desired level of brightness and contrast when photographing. In Photoshop, you can polish your jewelry image by adjusting the brightness and contrast to look realistic. You can get a variety of modification alternatives by using Photoshop’s adjustment layer.
  3. Adjusting the layers and notch: In many pieces of jewelry, there are holes, notches, and layers for design purposes. With the change of the level adjustment layer in photoshop, you can adjust the exposure. By increasing and decreasing the exposure, you can display every notch of your ornaments.
  4. Add lighting: In a picture, lighting plays a major role. If you take pictures of jewelry and the light cannot reach the jewelry picture, that makes the picture look exquisite effectively. Some unnecessary edges may also be found in the gems for a bad lighting system. The photo may also look dark due to the shadows. The addition of lightness is one photo editing technique you could use from Photoshop. By using Photoshop, it would be best to add lightness to your jewelry picture. This gives you the right illumination of the best jewelry image and will also look impressive.
  5. Add Natural Shadow: For an eye-popping vibe in your jewelry photo, you must add natural shadow and reflections. Adding drop shadow needs extra effort to give an appealing and natural look to your ornament online. Careful about creating shadows because artificial shadow sometimes destroys the image attraction.

Final thoughts

A perfect photograph of jewelry is a myth till retouching services have been introduced. To boost up your image quality, apply the approaches mentioned above. Doing it by yourself accurately needs long-term practice. If you have bulk images and a tight schedule, you can get a reliable provider. For high-end jewelry retouching services, you can choose Creative Clipping Path. Get your retouching headaches on us, enjoy the revenue growth from your jewelry business.

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