5 Interesting Facts That You Should Know About Image Masking

Think about removing the background from a furry dog or doll. Too difficult, right? No worries! You can achieve it easily by image masking service. Whether you want to remove the background or have a customized one, photo masking services can help you. It can also provide hair masking, fur masking, or creating transparency effect of any image.

In this article, let’s have a look at a few image masking techniques to enhance your appearance.


    1. Gradient masking for the transition effect

Gradient masking helps to blend two images into one another. Using the Gradient Tool on a Pixel Mask, you can create smooth transitions between your masked picture and the layers beneath it. The best part about gradient masks is that you can quickly and rapidly update them with the Gradient Tool. If you are not used to it, get help from a professional masking service provider.


    1. Locks Transparency helps to work with several layers

Lock transparency service is used to lock a picture’s shape or silhouette in a layer on another layer. Lock Transparency generates a mask that hides the layer’s transparent area. It implies that when you apply paint, it only covers the pixels (color). Instead of white and opaque, make the background see-through. Thus, it can help to improve the overall look and feel of the masking image.


    1.  Multiple Masking service for different types of masking

It is possible to simultaneously have a Pixel Mask and a Vector Mask on the same layer, but when would it be useful? If you want to make creative compositions, then certainly it is useful.  In other circumstances, you may be required to make a selection with intricate edges on some areas and clean, crisp edges on others. In certain circumstances, it is advantageous to apply both mask types on the same layer. Vector masks are preferable for sharp, clean edges, but pixel masks are great for delicate and intricate details.

    1. Precise Edges can be creare by Vector Masks

Vector masks are compatible with all images. It fulfills several functions. A vector mask produces clean, crisp edges. For outsourcing picture editing services, a skilled outsourcing agency is preferable for your organizations. When generating the contours of a vector mask with the Pen tool, there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Use as few anchor points as possible.
  • To obtain a preview of the next path section, enable the Rubber Band function.
  • To move it freely, hold down Space while setting a new anchor point.
  • Hold down Alt/Option while clicking on an anchor point to convert it to a smooth/corner point.
  • To temporarily use the Direct Selection Tool and move anchor points around, hold down Command/Ctrl.


    1. Edge Refinement with masking is easier

For hair masking service, edge refined tools are used. To increase the quality of the edges on more difficult selections, use the Mask Edge option from the Properties tab. The Smart Radius, Shift Edge, and Decontaminate Color choices are the most effective combination of values for choosing hair inside the Mask Edge dialogue box.


Photoshop is without a doubt one of the most popular image altering programs used by picture specialists all over the world. It provides a wide range of tools and techniques for high quality masking images.

Image editing demands a high level of skill and should be handled by an experienced team of resources. that rely heavily on photographs, such as real estate, eCommerce, photography, travel and tourism, and so on.

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